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about company

Assyl is a unique food envoy.

Our concept is based on the selection of high-quality, natural, elite products from the whole world.

Assyl selects for you all the best and balanced, created by Nature itself.

The main product of Assyl is the dates - "paradise fruit", the exclusive benefits and nutritional value of which have become a legend. Dates are a blessed product that does not require additional processing and replaces sweets and desserts. Mention of dates, as one of the most significant products in the human allowance is in the sacred Koran and the Bible.

Modern nutritionists recommend replacing all artificial products containing sugar, on dates. Dates, nuts and dried fruits are a natural dessert, the food of the Gods.

Assyl offers to enjoy the best grades of dates imported from Saudi Arabia: Ajva, Segai, Khidri, Majdul, Mabrum, Sukkari.

Assyl - offers exquisite, rich in history, grown and selected with special attention, brought from different points of the world dried fruits, nuts and sweets.


The leading brand in the market.
We represent the products of the highest class from the supplier of the Royal table of Saudi Arabia.

Official representatives in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Assyl Company is the exclusive distributor of the world's best manufacturer of dates.

Grown on a special soil of Medina (Saudi Arabia), where for centuries, date palm trees are grown.
We work directly with the largest producer of dates and offer our customers only certified products that meet the highest quality standards.

A wide range of dates.
Developed according to the company's innovative recipes, which give an opportunity to be inspired by unique tints of taste.